Comprehensive Financial Crime Training And Certification

ACFCS tracks and documents trends in financial crime to provide your organization with the training, certification and on-going membership benefits you need to protect your business.


The New Reality of Financial Crime

The financial crime risk landscape has expanded dramatically for private and public sector organizations in recent years. So too have regulatory expectations, and public and media attention on financial crime issues. The "siloed" approach of the past is gradually giving way to a wider view that treats financial crime risks like money laundering, fraud, corruption, cybercrime and more not as separate issues, but as parts of an interconnected whole.

Organizations are increasingly seeking comprehensive and adaptive training resources that provide visibility into a broader range of threats.
This is where ACFCS excels.

A Full Range of Resources to Support Your Organization

ACFCS responds to this shift in compliance, regulation and enforcement toward a converged approach by helping professionals build knowledge and validate skill across all aspects of financial crime. Through membership, certification and training, ACFCS helps organizations stay current on emerging threats and trends, improve internal coordination and communication, and develop staff with the skill sets necessary to take on
the new reality of financial crime.

Membership, Certification and Training for your team

ACFCS can collaborate with your organization to create a package tailored to your goals and needs. Along with membership, certification and online training courses, these entreprise packages can include customized webinars, live certification prep sessions for your staff, tracking and reporting on your employees' activity, and ongoing support from dedicated relationship managers on the ACFCS team.

Membership Benefits
  • Live & On-demand Webinars
  • Career Center
  • Exclusive Content
  • News and Information
  • Global Networking
  • Chapter Membership
  • Community Forums
  • Speaker Faculty
  • Preferred Pricing
Certification Details
  • Free Assessment of Financial Crimes Knowledge
  • CFCS Candidate Handbook
  • Online Exam Preparation
  • Tracking and Reporting of Group Activity
  • Convenient Testing Locations
  • One Year of ACFCS Membership
  • Online Practice Exam 
  • CFCS Study Manual 
Live and On-Demand Training
  • Live Webinars
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • On-Site Live Training
  • Podcasts
  • Certification Prep
  • AML 360, FATCA, FCPA, and BSA Online Training
  • Financial Crime Essentials Training Course

A Complete Solution For Every Member Of Your Organization.


Customize A Solution To Your Organization

ACFCS offers a variety of modular training and tools that allow you to tailor a solution based on your organization's focus and needs.


ACFCS membership provides access to a worldwide community of colleagues and counterparts as well as training opportunities, a vast resource library, members-only events and a comprehensive career center.

Online Training Resources

ACFCS features on-demand training webinars, podcasts, comprehensive and interactive AML online training with downloadable presentations creating easy and instant access to all of your training materials.

Customized live training

Access leading financial crime experts through live webinars and events. Topics include current best practices and emerging issues in financial crime.

Tracking and Reporting

Group memberships include comprehensive tracking and reporting to monitor individual progress and achievement from education and training to completion of certification.


The CFCS credential certification exam was just redesigned in 2018, constructed with the help of over 50 global financial crime experts and psychometricians. It remains the only certification to address the broad spectrum of today’s financial crime landscape.


ACFCS is built on the idea of mainiting a vibrant and connected community. That means we are always here to answer questions and support your certification and membership goals.

Cyber Intelligence Training From Cybint

Cybint, from BARBRI Cyber Solutions, provides assessment, training and tools to dramatically increase online research, analysis and security skills for legal and financial businesses.

Networking and Career OPPORTUNITIES 

Whether utilizing your local chapter organization, searching employee prospects through our Career Center, or advertising your company through our Affiliate Membership, ACFCS provides multiple opportunities to network and expand your company. 

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Case Study

Expanding Regional Bank Needs To Strengthen Compliance

See how ACFCS helped a mid-sized North American bank respond to increased regulatory scrutiny while expanding its operations into new regions.


ACFCS works with some of the most trusted leaders in the financial services industry, including 14 out of the Top 20 banks worldwide.

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